Wingshooting by Species

Paco Riestra provides species of doves, pigeons, ducks, partridge. Here you can see more details and where to find each.


Argentina is the Paradise of dove hunt in the world. The agricultural plains abound in corn, wheat and sorghum, sunflower, and soy bean fields along with plenty of water sources… a dove hunting paradise. With Paco Riestra, our private dove fields are situated close to dove roosts, feed and water, providing a wealth of shooting opportunities. Your professional guide will place you an ideal shooting and your skillful bird boy will keep your gun loaded for endless shooting action. Dove season is open year-round.

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Pigeon hunting has become one of the preferred species for our customers, having many who come solely for this species. Some already call it “the duck of dryland”, and that hunting is very similar by the  large and same methodology. Is important to have a good blind, decoys, mojos and camouflaged clothing.
Unlike dove hunting, you have to be well hidden. Come and enjoy Paradise of pigeons in the world, we assure you that on the next trip you'll miss not.

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Argentina is a privileged country in the world for the number and species of ducks. Almost fifteen different species visit us every day in the winter along with hundreds of other bird species. They make this hunt undoubtedly be one of the most beautiful and chosen by many customers. Perhaps when you are on a boat trailed by horses, watching thousands of birds, that's when you realize the beauty of this hunt. When you are at blind, the bird boy will be responsible for having ready decoys and call ducks for a successful hunt.

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Partridge hunting is performed with pointing dogs. It is ideal for those hunters who like to walk and enjoy seeing the dog work. Typically they are fields with pastures where your heart beats stronger when you see the tail pointer states. It is certainly ideal to combine with hunting doves because let rest the shoulder, and you are ready to do some exercise. The reward will surely try this delicious white meat considered the best dish wildfowl.

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