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In La Torcaz summer days are hot and nights are cool. In the winter months, the climate is dry, with sunny days and cold nights.

But there is something that shares both summer and winter, and that the night sky is so clear that usually leads us to believe that you can see absolutely all the stars in the universe.

Surprise yourself admiring the brightness of stars while sipping a delicious drink in the galleries of The Dove and enjoy the crackling of the logs in the beautiful home of living.


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La Torcaz Lodge - Dove Hunting in Argentina


La Torcaz lodge is located twenty-five miles from the city of Cordoba at the foothills of the mountains.

This special place to hunt doves and pigeons allows a break from the monotony of hunting only one species. In this type of hunt camouflage and patience are essential for a successful hunt.

The Shooting

The pigeon hunt takes place in feedlots and sorghum fields while the hunt is done in blinds already prepared by the bird-boy. He will also place decoys to lure the pigeons and strategically place the recently shot birds to add to your decoy spread.

Depending on how the pigeons are flying, we either have lunch at the end of the hunt (in this case a light sandwich will be provided mid-morning) or we break for lunch and then return to continue the hunt.

This type of hunt requires very little physical excursion since your vehicle takes you right to the blind thus allowing hunters with limitations to participate.

Wingshooting - La Torcaz


We have three ample en-suite bedrooms, each with its private bathroom, twin beds or option of king-size, and one master bedroom. They are all decorated and furnished in a top quality colonial rustic style.
Our main concern is your comfort and that your stay at our Lodge may result in a revitalizing vacation.

Prior to booking, a wide variety of menus will be informed, so that you may choose in advance. Some of the most requested are the “asado”, (the traditional Argentine barbecue), meats and empanadas prepared in the “horno de barro”, a mud oven, al disco and other varieties. A fully stocked wine cellar with a generous selection of excellent Argentine wines is available to choose from prior to every meal.
Previous to dinners you will find your favorite drink at the bar with a variety of appetizers. In the mornings, a plentiful and healthy American breakfast will be waiting for you to start your day. Our kitchen welcomes all the guests who wish to discover the secrets of the regional cuisine.

Dove Hunting at La Torcaz



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