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La Peregrina Lodge

La Peregrina Lodge is located in the province of Santiago del Estero. With over twenty-thousand feet of construction, it is exclusively tailored for hunters of all ages. Its unique location allows the hunter to hunt ducks, doves, pigeons and perdiz (partridge) without the need to travel long distances. Not only will you be able to enjoy a spectacular bird hunt, but you will also be able to do a big game hunt.

La Peregrina has six rooms and four suites that are suited for single or double occupancy, all including air-conditioning, heating, private bathrooms, and room safes. The Lodge is equipped with satellite television, a pool table, Wi-Fi, and a wine cellar stocked with the best Argentine wines and champagne. The typical “asados” along with the most traditional and delicious Argentine dishes are carefully prepared for the enjoyment of our guest. La Peregrina offers gun rentals, masseuse service, complementary laundry service, and provides waders, if necessary.


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La Peregrina Lodge - Dove Hunting in Argentina


La Peregrina is located in the south of the province of Santiago del Estero, in the middle of forests, wetlands and areas of harvest makes this stay the best location in the country to hunt for 4 pens, in a wild and inhospitable place.

La Peregrina is an oasis for the hunter to go hunting with all amenities.

The Shooting

Dove hunts

The dove fields are located approximately ten minutes from the lodge. The hunt can take place in either roosting areas or in fields planted mainly with sorghum or corn. The volume of dove is so high that there is no limit on them. We’ve had over 5,500 doves shot by one hunter in a single day! We recommend you bring a shoulder pad, ear and eye protection and shooting gloves as well as the use of a 20 or 28 ga. shotgun since they are lighter and produce less recoil than a 12 ga. A typical hunt day begins with a wake-up call at 6am and breakfast at 7am giving us plenty of time to be at the hunting spot by 8am. Hunting last until about noon at which time we return to the lodge for a delicious “asado”. Following a brief “siesta”, we return to the field at about 3pm to continue the hunt. Once we finish, it’s back to the lodge for drinks and exquisite dinner.

Pigeon hunts

La Peregrina is located in one of the best pigeon hunting provinces in Argentina. The hunt takes place in fields planted with sorghum or corn and also in feed lots. The hunt day begins with a 6am wake-up call, followed by breakfast at 6:30am. We depart the lodge at 7am. Once the hunter arrives at the field, the awaiting bird-boys have already set up a blind and have a combination of action and plastic decoys in place. Additionally, the shot pigeons are strategically placed to attract more birds. During the hunt, it is important to be well camouflaged and to remain still because these birds have a keen eye sight. Pigeons are also unpredictable and since it’s difficult to tell what time of day they will be coming in to the field, this particular hunt lasts all day. For this reason, we do not return to the lodge for lunch but rather set up a camp and have the “asado” in the field. Snacks are provided since lunch is delayed.

Duck hunts

La Peregrina is bordered by the Uti and the Salado Rivers. This, along with summer showers and melting snow from the nearby mountains, helps produce thousands of acres of marshes which attract several species of waterfowl including over twelve species of ducks such as the speckled teal, silver teal, yellow-billed pintail and the rosy-billed pochard just to name a few. The lodge is located twenty minutes from the launch. The day begins with a wake-up call at 4:30am, followed by breakfast at 5:00am. We depart the lodge by 5:30am, giving us plenty of time to be in our blind by sunrise. Our bird-boys set up our floating decoys and our action decoy. This, along with their expert duck calling will ensure a successful hunt. Once the boat with the hunters reaches the marsh, they are taken to their individual blind in a jon boat that is drawn by a horse, making this an extremely unique experience. After the hunt, we take plenty of pictures before donating the ducks to the nearby awaiting locals. We arrive back at the lodge, for an enjoyable “asado” followed by a short “siesta” to prepare us for the afternoon hunt and to enjoy a breathtaking sunset in the marsh. Once the hunt is over, we return to the lodge to unwind with drinks and appetizers. Shortly after, we head to the dining room to savor a delicious Argentine dinner. After dinner, you are welcome to join your fellow hunters in the living area to share your day’s experience over a glass of wine.

Big Game hunts

La Peregrina has 1000 acres of high-game fence where one can hunt for red stag, axis deer, water buffalo and four-horned sheep. There is also a 10,000 acre area to hunt free-roaming wild boar, peccary, brocket deer, pumas and foxes. There are no additional daily fees associated with this hunt. The hunter only has to pay for the trophy fee.

Perdiz hunts

This hunt that can be easily combined with a half day dove or duck hunt. The fields offer an easy walk and the hunt takes place over dogs. We hunt the common perdiz and the “montaraz” (a larger species).

Wingshooting & Hunting - La Peregrina
Wingshooting & Hunting - La Peregrina
Wingshooting & Hunting - La Peregrina


We have 4 luxury suites for the enjoyment of our customers so we can host 10 hunters in single or 20 hunters in double rooms. Our services are complete, American breakfast, with the best Argentine grilled meats, 1st class wines (Malbec, Cabernet), white wines and champagne, gourmet dinners with homemade desserts.

We have free laundry, and possibility of making a video of the hunt and massage service. Our guns 20 and 12 to rent are renewed every two years so that the performance is flawless. La Peregrina is a lodge that is ready to receive hunters and families with children beginning to enjoy the sport of hunting.

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