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About passport

A valid Passport is necessary with at least 6 months remaining until expiration. No visa is needed for U.S. citizens or Community subjects but a reciprocity fee will be charged; citizens from other countries should check entry requirements with the Argentine consulate.


Reciprocity Fee

When entering Argentine Territory, the nationals of the following countries must pay a “reciprocity fee” in accordance to the following:

  • American: USD 160 (valid for 10 years)
  • Canadian: USD 150 (valid for 5 years)
  • Australian: USD 100 (valid for 1 year)

You need to pay for it before departure USA at www.migraciones.gov.ar. Other nationalities should check entry requirements with the Argentine Consulate.
Note: rates subject to modifications based upon reciprocity.

Check out this tutorial about Reciprocity Fee


Customs and Firearms Registration

United States: If you are traveling with guns, you should pre-register each gun taken out of the country. U.S. Customs Form 4457 is the one you will need to fill in, it is a certificate of registration for personal effects taken abroad. You will need to present your firearms for this procedure at any U.S. Customs office, before your trip. Please keep the original Form with your passport and put a copy in your gun case. This regulation applies only for re-entry into the United States. You will also need to check with the airline once you have your itinerary as they all have different regulations regarding traveling with guns.

Rest of the world: You will need to check with your country and also the airlines to see the regulation for traveling with guns.


Gun Entry Requirement

Guns must be declared and gun permits purchased on arrival in Argentina. You are required to pay in cash USD 140 per gun. Please be aware that for guns with interchangeable/extra sets of barrels, each barrel/ set will be charged as a separate gun.
The information on your shooting questionnaire will be used for your gun entry permit and it will be carefully checked by the authorities on arrival. To avoid delays, please be sure it is absolutely legible and accurate. On departure your guns will be checked by the authorities, gun papers must be stamped at that point. Fees are subject to change without notice.


Clothing & Equipment

Your shooting clothing should be brown or green, camouflage is not a must. Always think of wearing your clothes in layers and bring a light rain jacket in case it rains. In winter, you will need a jacket for early in the morning and late afternoon, some days can be cold all day long. Regarding footwear, we always recommend ankle-height shoes, but you can wear sneakers if you want. In summer it gets warm, so a breathing shoe is an excellent choice. At the lodge, for dinner, clothing is casual.

Here are some things that you will need or want for the field: ear plugs, shooting glasses, hat, and shooting gloves (remember that this is high volume shooting and shotguns get hot) shell pouch, camera, band aids, etc. and a small bag for these items to take to the field. For duck hunting, you will need waders.



You can always consult with your physician for medical advice on travel to Argentina. There are no vaccines required to enter the country.



Argentina works with 220 volts. A standard converter and European adapter for two-pronged plug should work fine.



The lodge accepts payment in cash and U.S.A. personal checks.

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